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Welcome to Bring Your Own Auto Parts!

Bring Your Own Auto Parts, your number one source for auto repair. Founded in 2012 by Bill Haney, Bring Your Own Auto Parts has come a long way from its beginning as an ordinary repair shop. After opening and having a rough start, Bill decided to try a new concept by allowing our customers to supply their own parts, and we’d install them.

Many people are trying to save money every opportunity they can and parts can be ordered online at pretty reasonable prices. So, against his wife’s wishes, he ran with the idea and people loved it. We have a successful business because we are dedicated to giving you the very best of service at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on our focus on honesty and quality.

  • We offer easy financing on jobs over $500.

Please schedule an appointment with our friendly staff by clicking the Appointment tab, above or by calling (815) 730-6900.

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