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2012 Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy

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Services Performed
  • AXLE SHAFT BOOTS – INSPECT BRAKE LINES & CABLES – INSPECT BRAKE LININGS – INSPECT CLUTCH OPERATION – INSPECT COOLING SYSTEM, HOSES & CLAMPS – INSPECT DISC BRAKE PADS & ROTORS – INSPECT DRIVE BELTS – INSPECT FUEL LINES & CONNECTIONS – INSPECT PARKING BRAKE – INSPECT STEERING SYSTEM – INSPECT SUSPENSION SYSTEM – INSPECT TIMING BELT – INSPECT AIR CLEANER/ELEMENT – REPLACE – [Replace more often if you drive in dusty or sandy conditions.] AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE (CVT) FLUID – REPLACE – [The ATF filter needs replacement only when it has physical damage or if the ATF has leaked.] BRAKE FLUID – REPLACE – [Replace when vehicle is driven in high humidity or in mountainous areas.] DIFFERENTIAL FLUID – REPLACE – Front & Rear ENGINE OIL – REPLACE ENGINE OIL FILTER – REPLACE MANUAL TRANSAXLE FLUID – REPLACE TIRES – ROTATE – [A tire should be replaced when the tread wear indicator appears as a solid band across the tread; this occurs when the remaining tread has worn to 0.063 inches (1.6mm) or less.]
  • Tech tested and inspected and determined that the radiator was in need of replacing and the water pump was in need of replacing. Also by mileage the timing belt was in need of replacing
  • HEADLAMP BULB – Remove & Replace – Both,Passenger Side
  • HEADLAMP BULB – Remove & Replace – Both,Driver Side
  • HEADLAMP BULB – Remove & Replace – Both,One Side
  • WATER PUMP – Remove & Replace – 2.5L Eng,Normally Aspirated
  • Drain and fill engine oil and remove and replace oil filter. Top off all fluids, check battery, lights, belts and hoses.
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