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2014 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger

Service Date
Services Performed
  • (Combination) – ENGINE OIL COOLER HOSE – Remove & Replace One or Both
  • CONTROL ARM – Remove & Replace – Lower,Driver Side – [DOES NOT include alignment.]
  • ENGINE OIL COOLER – Remove & Replace – V6 – [Includes: R&I Intake Manifold Gaskets.]
  • Place vehicle on alignment rack, attach equipment, measure caster, camber and toe. Compare to vehicle specifications. Set and adjust all approved alignment angles with allowable specifications.
  • Tech inspected and determined that vehicle was in need of the oil filter adaptor and cooler. Also tech noticed that vehicle was in need of the water pump and the thermostat housing do to coolant leaking ans tech also noticed that the front lower driver side control arm and driver side outer tie rod was in need of replacing
  • THERMOSTAT HOUSING – Remove & Replace – V6
  • TIE ROD &/OR END – Remove & Replace – Outer,Driver Side – [Includes: Adjust toe-in only. NOTE: Deduct .4 if alignment is also performed. NOTE: Manufacturer recommends removal of Rack and Pinion Steering Gear when replacing Inner Tie Rod End(s)
  • WATER PUMP – Remove & Replace – V6
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